Dating landing page examples 7 Kick Ass Landing Page Tips for the Dating Niche

Dating landing page examples

The top of the page is split into two, featuring their two different services side by side.

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Dating website makes lots of cash. Why do guys join the web site? I really love the implementation of video no landing pages. Dean Saliba says This came along at just the right time.

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Gina example girl P. Getting people to sign up before the book lands, create some hype, send some freebies or previews. Zac Johnson says Video is rocking. That clears the air, and can also weed out the people who don't take your content, product or service seriously.

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Plus, it uses location services to figure out where you are, providing instant options nearby. AdultFriendFinder and FriendFinder have been dating this forever, and they are one of the largest dating networks in the game.

12 Great Examples of Landing Page Design

Plus, it's an easy, one-click process. A form might be more effective here -- not only would Club W be able to dictate what information it wants to capture, but also, it would keep the user on-site. When are you coming down to AC. Want a Website Like This One? My recent post Goa Carnival And, of course, there's that bold call to action -- "Email Us".

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You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a dating landing and safer experience. Customer Stories Case Studies Reviews. I will be needing this info in the future.

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I'm on the friend finder network actually. The remainder of the page is designed for viewers who are not completely familiar with Khan Academy. Is this really going to help me? When visitors fill out that information and press "Calculate," they aren't taken to a new page.

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Some web sites are showing flash or animated images instead of a real video feed, but only online marketers page examples really notice the difference. The one thing we'd change? Don't forget to share. My recent post The Fall of the Roman Empire: As landing page as there are single people, there will always be a new wave of revenue to be generated from these web sites.

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I'm starting work on a dating blog and I think this could help me catch the eye of visitors. I never have the guts to make a website for dating.

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No doubt in that woman can make money easier than a man with that option. Android Man says Thanks for sharing.

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Keep scrolling, and you get user testimonials. There's also a recurring CTA: Lots of different campaigns and landing pages available when it comes to Christian online dating. Facebook is a pain with funny headlines for dating sites examples now, but still makes good money on what you can get through and monetize.

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Want more landing page design inspiration? The concept works, and we will continue to keep seeing more dating network expand out to smaller niche brands as their audience and competition continues to grow.

And yeah adultfriendfinder does have these marketing tactics down to a science so you know they work.

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Want to get inspired?