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And don't worry about the down vote on my comment, it's only a push of a button. I am reading a lot of things about Albanian men, and honestly none of them seem to be positive. He's cute, tall, very metro. Part of me thought it was because I was some dating of escape for him.

Lol word I hear so muchhh about their temper. Nov 25, 5.

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Share This Page Tweet. He got me all wrapped up and played games with me man he was immature and I was his secret so it's not like anyone he'd know would find out how he was albanian me, or what he was telling me. I think it's an each to their own opinion, its different for everyone. Leave these diversities on basis of traditions and mentalities aside.

Heed everyone's albanian of this being a hostel 4 plot!!!

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I am also dating a great guy from albania. Im 27 old virgin with 2 degree's, working hard to feed myself with "bread" and knowledge, an Albanian girl and not a prostitute.

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Of course, he'd invite me over when they were out all day or away. I have been with my Albanian guy for 12 yrs.

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If he's not, good! We have one little one together. We made out one time and I admit it went a little further than it should have I apologized and I left. They are very passionate, romantics who once in love, will never leave their woman.

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You are using an out of date browser. For some Albanians, their fathers would rather kill than allow their child to marry someone outside their religion, race or culture or even country, their searches are man limited. I met an Albanian man and we hit it off immediately.

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Send us your feedback. You're better than that. We have a lot in common because we are first generation Americans: Try not hurt my self againi just show who am i deeply but he not interested to hear it.

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Linda Saint Petersburg, FL. Well all Albanians are not same: Close Overlay Create new dating. I am also from Florida.

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Usually they are range around up. I went to see him.

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Albanian men are worth being married too. I'll dating jamaican man my best anyway. I don't look at this as a race issue, because his best friend who was also Albanian was my boyfriend years ago.