Dating a man who makes less money Do You Need a Man to Make More Money Than You? If So, Why?

Dating a man who makes less money, this site is an illegal copy of (this site is not

Chances are you could fall in love with a man who makes less than you do!

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And that this website in particular is a forum for people to do so? The question is, would I wanna date a woman who will constantly talk to me about money, the little things she is unhappy about but she must get over and move on with her life?

I will never again date another man with little income.

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Am I responsible for that? How does the man define his role in a relationship? First, realize this is a good thing.

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Can you accept him as he is, right now, without any expectation that he will change? Leave a Reply Rich man dating site uk reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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You assume that by combining your finances would bring you both to the dating a man who makes less money level of the less-earning partner. I would rather have him do that and see him happy than watch him shoehorn himself into a better-paying career that would make him miserable.

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Love my job, but the thought of earning no money for the next years of my life before I hit 6 figures…which as you point out is really still not that much money… heck no. And then he said he needed to take my clothes off. How does he respond?

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Women want to be a part of your life. How can presumed feminists who believe in full christian matchmaking websites justify a man paying for you when you make significantly more?

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A woman wanting a high-earning man i. The roses are never from the grocery store You should absolutely divorce her.

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But if I choose to be with someone, that person should be able to be a part of the life I want for my partner and I. If the differences in income between two parterners are too big, the man will become frustrated, emasculated and useless.

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Obviously money can make someone happy. The tests get old real fast.

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You want a strength not a liability. I bring a lot to a relationship…. There is many article on this topic: Perhaps not date idiots is one thing is a start. However, these are only human tendencies, and most people eventually learn to rise above these tendencies and look for LOVE.