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Dating a younger man 7 years, it's no big deal

I'm glad to see that they have talked about the situation, and I hope they both end up with what they need. Generally though, as long as they have a similar level of maturity, no worries.

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So the age difference in and of itself isn't necessarily a problem. Will you still care for your current partner at that point, or will you want to replace her so that you can fit in? I reluctantly agreed to a date not expecting there to be a spark. Just talked until the sun came up again. She's been a widow for 4 years and her mother lived to and was a widow for 15 years.

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You probably should admit it to yourself, at least, that yes, this could be a possibility -- and what if? I don't really think about it when we're together though which is the main thing I suppose.

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Just kidding, kind of. Right now, you've just finished school. But, of course, if calling yourself a "cougar" gets your rocks off, then more power to you, my friend. That died a death.

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Maybe talking through the worst case scenarios will reassure you both that you're willing to take the risks as long as your eyes are open. But age was also relevant, I think, since it eventually turned out he had been having an affair for 10 years with a woman 15 years younger than my mother, and now he is happily married to her instead.

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People who don't know us are always surprised when the age difference comes up, they generally think we look about the same age. Proof that your hesitancy is based only in society's bias against women loving younger men like men have loved younger datings for centuries!!! He is at least partly into you because you impress him. On my part, I have no such concerns. The ambivalent dudes, shitty apartments, and entry-level bullshit job?

We simply stumbled into each others lives and have been literally inseperable from day one.

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Do you - even semi-consciously - rely on your partner as a source of status? Any two people can, theoretically, have a healthy, positive relationship, if both approach it with the right attitude and the situation otherwise permits. At 28, I was only just beginning to explore my true desires for my career and life — which made me have a lot more in common with a recent college grad than someone who'd had almost a decade since graduation to figure out what they wanted. My Open Relationship Was a Disaster.

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My late husband was 6 years younger, but everyone assumed he was my age or older. Talk about year even before the first kiss.

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My husband returned from his deployment and despite being on the phone constantly while he was away, we were together for six months before getting engaged, and then another six months before getting married.

However, sometimes people go against what is right or with the grain and do what they want regardless but hey…. Perhaps she fears the age difference rules dating married man she says - or perhaps she doesn't think you are the right one for her and she man making a dating a korean man excuse.

Even though we have an 8 year age difference, he and I are growing and changing together, in similar ways. As some others have said, I would be more concerned about the age you're at now.

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He's a dad, which may or may not make him more mature, but I was surprised by just how much I liked him. Start new thread in this topic Flip this thread Refresh the display. How much further would you like him to go? I like adventure and new things in my life, and find that my datings a younger man 7 years are generally more compatible with those who are younger than I older man dating younger guys anyway.

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I'll be moving to Beijing. Sure -- it could happen, but it's not likely.

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I have a 6 year age gap with my dh and we have been together for 22 years. Long distance is tough.

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The age isn't really a deal breaker, IMO. They have no kids she married in her mids, I think, and felt she was "too old" to have them but they have lots of nieces and nephews and pets. I'm not sure "you might not be interested anymore in a few years" has to do with how she feels about you personally so much as you in the abstract. Because that "settle-down-or-not" would also be a factor if you were both 23, or you were both The cougar image is cartoonish at best, derived either from a culture fearful of a sexually empowered woman, or from the woman herself, who claims cougardom as a way to boost her self esteem via sex with a man many years her junior.

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The difference between 23 and 31 is a lot bigger than the difference between 38 and