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To all the lovely ladies out there who wish to find a life partner, save your money!! Because of my professional background, I am used to quality service and to dealing with company who deliver on their dating service free trial. This is the crux of their business model.

In 15 months I've had 5 referrals. When I demand back monies render, they tell me that I would only entitled to half, then be wait listed for a decision to see if they willing to grant that. He was present to me like a man looking for a serious dating service. Either than that I have not heard from them since Nov and I have 1 year unlimited and still no matches.

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Prompt resolution of all issues has helped our company maintain a great reputation amongst our clients. Those men are charged way less only to be referred to those naive women like me. Literally, a Santa Claus who spent an hour showing me his photos with children.

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I am not a wealthy woman but I really had dating service in the organization so I made the purchase. I feel completely taken advantage of by Lifemates. This Lifemates company is a total waste and scam. Once they have your 5 grand for a lifetime membership, you get a few referrals, most for poor matches. My file information was totally incorrect and was told that I should receive better referrals based on this new information.

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This was one of the worst spent money. This has led us to receive an overwhelming number of positive Lifemates reviews from our members.

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Over 20 years experience in matchmaking. But the fact that they charge women 10x the amount they charge men is very sexist!

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Second match was with a guy who was a friend of the Lifemates representative. Then I moved to Edmonton inhoping they can match me with a proper candidate.

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I received a flier in the mail, and decided I would give them a try as I was a too busy professional to want to go through one of the internet dating sites.

The following are details of their dating service of service: Joined in the Fall I have 2 kids in their early teens and this man didn't have kids and couldn't understand the life. One was not local.

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They have not addressed any of my complaints, offered any advice, prove that anyone is doing due diligence to provide a service, or address my concerns of how much money I have put forth for nothing. The two of you will then work together to hand-pick suitable matches for you.

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The fact is they don't have too many men. The last match was very rude on the phone and I believe that they do not screen or match the contacts in a professional manner. The guy had one or two missing teeth.

You will get feedback on how the introduction went.

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I joined up with Lifemates June They would say there was a candidate and then nothing would happen and I would call the representative and they apologized and set up a new match in a month and again this would happen. The company sent me a letter asking me to sign that I would not tell anyone of that letter or sue any of the directors, or officers of the company. I was told that matches do not see the photos, that the matchmakers use them to pair matches together.

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LifeMates is not match making astrology online right choice. The first match did not respond. Needless to say months later, I had no calls from them.

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However, I am willing to walk away if they allow me to. Like many of the reviews from people in Calgary, I met Barbara for an interview at the Macleod Trail location; her number has since been disconnected.

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I was set up for a potential match about 1 every months! That seemed reasonable so I joined and I was excited.