Is zoosk a real dating site Is dating a scam?

Is zoosk a real dating site, pagination

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A computer generated message activated with a click. The site is gender equal, as in women do as much of the work as men on it in order to find matches, and you can be as active or as passive as you like. I asked Zoosk as well for an explanation on this and this is what they said, "Views can be generated when other members interact with any information on your dating profile. It does explain why there are so many single photo profiles though.

1. Zoosk is a Popular Dating Website: 3.8 Million Visits Per Month

Helpful answer 10 Votes Thanks for voting! They don't call you back when they say they are.

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Search, plus daily match suggestions Our Experts Say: Been on the site about 2 weeks and I think that the profiles are genuine, managed to talk to a few on what's up, phones calls etc. With its Basic Search and Advanced Search capabilities, Zoosk lets you find matches on your own, if you like.

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Ghastly Jupiter December 18, at 3: My real very unfortunate experience was when I signed up through my Facebook account. With millions of active datings site, the site provides an abundance of dating options for users, with a range of dating intents. Amazingly unprincipled buddha dating site a cynical exploitation of people looking to connect.

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This is definitely a scam site. Zoosk is a total scam and ripoff!

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They do not have answers to the most basic questions, not that that stops them giving u an an answergenerally the wrong answer. We kept getting bothered to buy them. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there was no supervisor available and that they don't do callbacks. Cecilia Henderson November 30, at Navy Stony Leopard December 3, at 3: Josefina Painter December 15, at You are viewed by hundreds.

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From the search section you can choose to go forward or backwards swiping through different profiles. Of the Five percent that responded, unfortunately we're they were far from physically attractive! I reported 2 others on 2 different sites Until then one star cause this is a joke and when I do cancel I will be sure to tell everyone I know that you guys are nothing but a joke.

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That is false advertising. You should have been happy with what i origianlly wrote. Issues: 3 Things Didn’t Do Well

Avoided being obnoxious, I think. For example if someone expresses interest--to express mutual interest one must essentially pay again with coins.

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Otherwise, save yourself and just don't. Some good people and some bad people.

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View all 33 photos. This is a legit scam site and I can attest to that.

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I am only writing this so i can unsubscribe from site. We'll see how it turns out.

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I live in a very rural area were ya know the people in the town and there is no dating here at all so ya think using a site like this will help ya out a lil