Too many fish in the sea dating site 40something Reluctantly Joins Plenty Of Fish Dating Site, Enters 'Big Bang' Territory - LA Times

Too many fish in the sea dating site

Really, whats going on? Are we making this too easy?

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I signed up on the dating site Plenty of Fis I had nothing illegal on it!! After logging out can't log in back, forgot password feature doesn't work, so I think the account gets deleted or something Read more on www. Everything was worked normal, but again after 2 hours i can not to sign in. Sign up to get updated on our latest coverage of race and hate.


It seems to just pop up since I quit actively looking! But a high majority of them are bottom feeders, or your run of the mill cod.

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As soon as they were solidand i saw we had something, i was out of the dating scene, and when i meet him, i will be again! And I believe if our too many fish in the sea dating site had this technology they would have used it as well.

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I suppose there is a certain level of commonality among the people. JuliaJulia - it's a fake account.

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Because I registered 2 accounts on the same email Been trying to register for good few times, but cannot log back in to the app after the profile is created. Women do seem to be the ones who express the opinion that there are a lot of options and that they get too many messages and such. Go to mobile site. Hats off to the site! Doesn't get any message about it even. Keep up with the story here.

Or you can be selective by being very particular with the bait you use. Find out why people love or hate this online dating site, and share your own thoughts about the biggest free dating site in the world. I didn't mean to suggest that there is a better way or not. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing Step into the world of weird news. It's just that with the technology we now have it does make it easier to look for others.

I dont fish when i have enough to eat!

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App just not working!!!! I'm just not looking real hard. Or maybe like time, I need different bait. And stupid advertisment on youtube!!!

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Are we becoming too picky now that we have so many choices? I try to recover my password, but i did not get any email from POF. Some have a the dating doctor narrowly defined set of parameters so whether there's few or many choices the decision making process is pretty much the same. I spent 5 minutes to create profile because login contains invalid symbols.

Some people do better with a smaller selection because their idea of what they're looking for is very broad, so having fewer choices simplifies the decision making process. I've yet to find what I'm looking for. AndreyPopov via Getty Images.