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Foamy the squirrel dating advice

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You ever have a good friend and then you go out some place and they always have to bring their fucking girlfriend; and their girlfriend turns out to be somebody you just want to kill, I mean really kill, like jump up and down and kill, and then chop up their body into 15 different parts and flush various parts down the toilet and bury the others and others get thrown in the sewer. A Plotless Conversation Sign In Don't have an account?

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Point of Sales Systems July 27 Bin Laden Special May 2 Foamy Fan Mail IV Unreal Estate Sept 16 Fake Awake May 25 Book Binding Nov 28? Advice on Advice Apr.

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Follow-Up Letter May 19 Hurricane Sandy Relief Special Nov. Don't you have better things to do with your life than be emotionally attached to someone who hates your guts?

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The Cult Returns Feb. Other foamy the squirrels dating advice of people that I hate; people who ruin your favorite diner.

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A Latte Butt May 24 Get over the girlfriend, get over the boyfriend, or whatever the fuck you're yearning for, and live fucking life. Swimming With the Fishes: Squirrels and Coffee Jan. Hatta's Rant II People like this really need food poisoning, I am so sick of these fucking bastards ruining my favorite spots.

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Foamy Fan Mail II Lecture Nov 11 It only pertains to your own little world, which in the grand scheme of things is minute and pathetic and nobody ever really ever wants to hear it. Accidents At Home Last Coffee House Stand July 6 Coffee House Cleavage Mar. Child Proof Caps

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