Surround sound hook up help How to Set Up a Home Theater System With Separate Components

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Once you have put your speakers in place, it is time to plug them into the receiver.

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It could be a red and white RCA cable or an optical cable. The Kenwood DC is the controller or preamplifier for your system.

A Step-by-Step Guide to a Simple System

The diagram below shows the ideal placement for speakers in a 7. Keep tweaking settings until you find the perfect audio environment. Nick Bock March 14, at For some, the only source of TV signal may be from an antenna on your roof.

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To understand if this is possible with your equipment, think about the source of your TV pictures. It would be great if every room was designed with surround sound in mind, but alas, it isn't.

However, keep in mind that this example is only one of several possibilities.

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Can wait to listen to my old casettes and horrify my teens! The most common setups are 2. The one you choose will usually depend on the connections you have on your help. Just like cars, electronics wear out from time and use. Be careful first to not cut yourself, and second to not cut off the copper strands inside the wire jacket. But the receiver clearly works fine, and the subwoofer is brand new.

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Just make sure everything is properly connected and press "play. I fixed the issue. Jerry Meredith June 5, at 1: You can buy expensive subwoofer cables, but you likely won't hear much difference than a standard cable.

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Finally, please do yourself a favor, and do not mount these in the corners of your room. Therefore, instead of help the sound to your TV with the picture, you can use the audio output of the DVD player to send the sound to a separate amplifier. Look for the speaker terminals red and black and stick the wire in there. The back channel speakers should be water heater hook up kit same height as the surround speakers. Most Setup systems either don't set a crossover setting, or they do it non ideally for your speaker system.


Tom, Thanks for commenting. Nick Bock January 24, at 5: For example, if you connect one of the two wires to the positive clip on the speaker, you'll need to connect the same wire to the positive clip on the receiver. I will come to that later. Pamela, Thanks for commenting.

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Different sound hook speakers work with different things, like computers, phones, CD players, and so on.

First, we need to look at the types of connections you will encounter.

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In my experience, many salespeople underplay the importance of a subwoofer. Nick Bock July 15, at 4: To solve this, place your antenna as far as possible from the receiver because it may be interfering with reception.

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The only other part you would need to play music from your phone to your speakers is an aux cable. Again, place these speakers as close to ear level as possible, paying particular attention to getting the tweeters as close to ear surround as possible. Both the video and the audio signals are digital. Stereo audio uses two RCA cables and supports 2 channels of audio.

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Nick, Thanks for your concise and intelligent guide. Connect the speaker wires from the terminals on the receiver top picture to the inputs on the back of the speakers bottom picture. The common lengths of 2' to 4' are best suited for connecting your source equipment to the receiver. New york times hook up culture you put your CD player on top of the receiver to make it easier to reach the disc tray? Position the mic as close as possible to your ear level when seated - and, ideally, you'll place it on a tripod. The Yamaha R-S receiver works best with traditional wired speakers.

You might be able to find someone who does repair local to you, but with equipment like surround receivers, parts might be expensive or impossible to get.